How To use angelus leather paint

Us Duchess offers many varieties of dyeable and paintable leather shoes, that can be customized to your current heart’s content.

The least difficult way that we’ve discovered to achieve excellent results is using Angelus goods specifically created for painting leather.

We’re so impressed with Angelus products that we have made all of them available inside our store! While we all definitely recommend Angelus products for their quality plus consistancy of finish, any or all of the products pointed out below can be swapped with equilvalent products coming from other manufacturers.

The particular following items are necessary for this process:

This product is essential inside stripping the factory complete (such as oils, feel, and silicone) from your shoes before you apply your paint or dye. Angelus Leather Preparer as well as Deglazer is especially suitable for this specific purpose, but cannot end up being shipped internationally – inside which case we’d recommend using a solvent such because acetone, isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

angelus paint
Angelus Leather Paints are developed exclusively for leather, plus will not crack or perhaps peel. Paints come inside 1 oz. pots, in addition to can be mixed regarding endless variation in tones. We offer a selection of shades, including the primary plus secondary colors, as nicely as metallics. Angelus Leather Shoe Paint is water soluble, cleanup easily, plus can be thinned together with water – no solvents or special equipment essential!

Paint Finisher
Angelus Polymer-bonded Finisher will seal and protect your painted or dyed shoes, and offer a uniform gloss, silk, or matte finish. Utilize this finisher 24 several hours or more after your paints have dried, in addition to allow to dry in least yet another 24 hrs before wearing.

Begin by rubbing your shoes with the Leather Preparer as well as Deglazer to remove the factory finish.
Enable a few minutes to be able to dry.
Should you be mixing your current paints for any custom shade, make sure to combine enough to fully cover both sneakers. You can thin your own paints with water — this is recommended for applying multiple coats, which often will offer you better, regular results than applying a single thick coat.
Apply together with a flat paintbrush or sponge brush, and permit the particular paints to dry between coats.
Allow your shoes or boots to be dried completely for twenty-four hours before applying typically the Acrylic Finisher. The coated shoes should not sense tacky.
Apply the finisher with a flat paintbrush, sponge brush, or cloth. Allow to dry one more 24 hours before including decorations such as laces and ribbons or binding.
Finally, you will have to rehydrate the leather. Utilize several liberal coats regarding a shoe cream such as Angelus Lustre Ointment, and then polish with a quality shoe polish like Angelus Shoe Wax Gloss, buffing with a gentle cloth to achieve a perfect shine. Repeat this action whenever your shoes need a pick-me-up.
Remember that your paints will dry a bit darker than they seem when wet. You may always adapt the colour and apply a fresh coat.