Surprising benefits of video games for kids

For years video games have been criticised for making people more antisocial, overweight or depressed. But now researchers have found that games can certainly change us for the better and improve both the body and mind.

Games can help to develop physical skills. Pre-school children who played interactive games like the ones available on Wii have demonstrated an ability to have improved motor skills, for example they can kick, catch and throw a ball much better than children who don’t play video gaming. A study of surgeons who do microsurgery in Boston found that those who played video games were 27 per cent faster and made 37 per cent fewer errors than those who didn’t. Vision is also improved, particularly telling the difference between shades of grey. That is useful for driving through the night, piloting a plane or reading X-rays.

Games also benefit a variety of brain functions, including decision-making. Individuals who play action-based games make decisions 25 % faster than others and are believe it or not accurate, according to just one study. It was also found that the best gamers can make choices and act on them up to six times another, four times faster than most people. In another study by researchers from the University of Rochester in NYC, experienced gamers were shown to be able to pay attention to more than six things simultaneously without getting confused, compared with the four that most people can normally keep in your mind. Additionally, video games can also reduce gender differences. Scientists have discovered that women who play games are better able to mentally manipulate 3D objects.

There is also evidence that gaming can help with psychological problems. With the University of Auckland in New Zealand, researchers asked 94 teenagers clinically determined to have depression to play a 3D fantasy game called SPARX and in many cases, the game reduced symptoms of depression more than conventional treatment. Another research team at Oxford University discovered that playing Tetris right after contact with something very upsetting – in the experiment, a film of traumatic scenes of injury and death was used – can in fact prevent people having disturbing flashbacks.

The effects are not necessarily so positive, however. Indiana University researchers completed brain scans on teenage boys and found evidence that violent games can transform brain function after less than a week of play, affecting regions in the brain associated with emotional control and leading to more aggressive behaviour in the player. But Daphne Bavelier, one of the very most experienced researchers in the field, says that the violent action games that often worry parents most may actually have the strongest beneficial influence on the brain. In the future, we may see many treatments for physical and neurological problems which incorporate the playing of video gaming.
Online learning games can benefit children in a variety of different ways.

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Computer Fluency
First of all, playing these games will increase a child’s computer fluency, which is essential in this point in time. Whatever job they may finish up in when they grow up, they may need to be able to use computer systems and software.

Develops Hand-Eye Coordination
Whilst playing games online, a child must use the keyboard or mouse at the same time as looking up at the screen. This will develop their hand-eye coordination, which can also help them in activities such as sports.

Increase the Speed of Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
In gameplay, they will have to use their problem-solving and decision-making skills, that will increase in speed as they play learning games. Many games will have a time limit to answer or solve tasks, so the faster they go, the more they can complete.

Absorb Information in a Fun Way
Learning through online games will help children absorb information while having fun at the same time. It’ll also improve the likelihood of them wanting that can be played more, which in turn, will lead to them learning more.

Improve and Encourage Creativity
Games are visual, hands on and allow children to let their creative juices flow. They often be able to create their own characters, pieces of art or even create their own levels.

Benefit Children with Attention Disorders
Research has been conducted and has found that online games can in fact help all who have attention disorders including ADHD and ADD.

Increase Memory Capacity
Many online learning games feature memory games, where they could need to memorise a sequence, sound or image and then repeat them back.